Helmut Newton 70’s


Helmut Newton’s Adventures in Diamonds … in Monte Carlo
Harry Winston’s chandelier necklace of pear, round, and marquise stones. Gentleman’s ring with a 13.57-carat emerald-cut rose diamond.
Harry Winston
Oscar de la Renta
Left: Necklace of 76 oval-shaped stones totalling 62.94 carats. Perfectly matched heart-shaped earrings totaling 16.5 carats.

Right:  Chandelier earrings – 35.93 carats of pear-shaped stones. Flawless 30.99 carat emerald-cut ring, slightly pink in color.  26-carat bracelet of square stones.


Hotel de Paris
Van Cleef and Arpels
Giorgio Sant’Angelo
Foreground: V-shaped necklace with round and pear-shaped diamonds. The drop earrings: 23 carats of pear-shaped diamonds. A 10-carat marquise solitaire.
Rear: 20-carat heart-shaped diamond pendant suspended from an 18-inch diamond necklace.
Bulgari – Danaos
Top: Flawless 17.48-carat oval stone. Heart-shaped 7.03-carat solitaire.
Bottom: Flawless pear-shaped 28.48-carat diamond.
Harry Winston’s Bicentennial Diamond
“The Star of Independence”
Flawless pendant, pear-shaped, almost 76 carats. The ring, a flawless oval 20.03-carats. Heart-shaped earrings. Yves Saint Laurent Couture.
Solitaires by Gerard
31-carat emerald cut; 16-carat pear shape; 13-carat pear shape; 22-carat marquise shape; 27-carat flawless cushion cut.
Angela Cummings of Tiffany
Necklace of fantasy-shaped sea-shells. 645 white diamonds set in 18k gold and platinum.
Aqua Suit
Halston Limited Edition Beachwear
Giorgio Sant’Angelo’s “Wonder Woman”